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Why BeeHive Homes

BeeHive Homes assisted living franchise owners benefit from over 35 years of assisted living home best practices. We have gleaned these elderly care experiences from franchising over 200 homes and over 20 states. You will benefit from our experience as you move from the initial stages of site selection through your operational and marketing training and into the day-to-day operation of your own home.

How we support you

BeeHive Homes assisted living franchise owners reap multiple benefits as a result of the vast experiences we have enjoyed through growth and interaction.  You will receive initial training, of course, with ongoing support, regional and national advertising, group discounts, lead generation through our websites and call centers, access to a proven business model, affiliation with a reputable brand,  and an entire network of BeeHive franchisees who are happy to answer questions, offer advice, and provide additional support.  We provide webinars, meetings, a hot line for anytime help, and an annual conference that revitalizes, motivates, and reinforces once again your goals and direction.


Site Selection

Choosing the correct location for a BeeHive Homes franchise is a very important decision that you will not be left to do on your own. We will help you consider local demographics, traffic patterns, competitive institutions, and lot sizes and prices. New homes sit on at least a half acre of commercial property. Some franchises place several homes on the same site, which allows them to keep the home-like feel while maximizing their real estate investment. Different local laws and regulations determine zoning requirements, parking regulations, and street setbacks. Visit with your local zoning commissions and describe our assisted living franchise. They will be able to let you know the zoning requirements for your community. The costs and needs for lot improvements like water and sewer will need to be evaluated. We require a residential feel as much as possible for the surrounding area. Each BeeHive Homes assisted living franchise typically has a population buffer of at least 30,000 surrounding the property. For multiple homes on a single property, the buffer surrounding the location increases by 30,000 per home. Click on the following link to see our current franchised locations.
Bee Hive Homes map of current locations >>

Construction and Development

Over the last few decades BeeHive Homes has acquired extensive experience in creating new homes. This experience has been harnessed in a comprehensive and specific checklist. We will provide you with this list and guide you to ensure that all required facets for a successful opening of a BeeHive assisted living home are addressed.

As you progress along the list, you will know what to do when–like when to start hiring employees or when to hang your state permit on your wall.

We do not require you to use any specific contractor. We have many contractors whom we trust who will go nation wide and build your home to our specifications if you choose them.

Startup training and support

Our training program will have you prepared to effectively operate your home and care for your residents. All owners and managers will participate in an orientation and an extensive training program. You will also become familiar with our history and operating philosophy that has made us so successful. Much of the training is “on the job” which takes place at an actual operating location where you will actively participate in the caregiving and employee management.

Each operator will receive and be trained to utilize our complete Home Operations Manuals. These manuals address most of the questions regarding the day-to-day operations of your home. During the opening week of your home, trainers will be with you and your staff to help you all move from the classroom learning to the real world learning with your own residents.

Ongoing training and support

Ongoing support is only a phone call away. You will develop a framework of support across the network of homes that will support you in your specific questions. Every six months your region will have a training meeting where you will network with and learn from those who are experienced in the operation of a home. Yearly, BeeHive Homes holds a National Conference that provides training classes and lectures by industry and company experts. This event is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best and raise the bar on the best practices you find in your home.

NOTE: The BeeHive Homes Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) answers all questions regarding our Owner/Operators’ opportunities. The FDD is available in electronic format as a .pdf file. The information on this page is a brief response to typical inquiries. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between this information and the FDD, the FDD will control. To receive a copy of our FDD, please fill out the form to the right.